Silvia Ferrara

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Silvia Ferrara moved to Sapienza in 2011, where she is Associate Professor of Aegean Prehistory. Previously, she spent 20 years in the UK, where she studied Archaeology and Classics at University College London and Oxford. After her PhD (2006), she became Junior Research Fellow in Archaeology at St John’s College, Oxford (2006-2010). She taught at University College London, Oxford and Cambridge.
She is part of the Executive Board and Junior Research Fellow at the School for Advanced Studies, Sapienza (SSAS). She is also member of the Directed Studies Program at Sapienza. Recently she was a Visiting Fellow at the British School at Athens (2013), the Institute of Classical Studies, University of London (2015), and Visiting Fellow at All Souls College, Oxford in 2017.
She is interested in the phenomenon of writing, its invention and development, and its interface between art, language, material culture, visual perception and cognitive mechanisms. Her forthcoming book, Origins of Writing in the Eastern Mediterranean, Oxford University Press, focuses on the dynamics involved in the formation of early scripts in local contexts in the Mediterranean, and the strategies linked to script borrowing processes in multicultural environments. 
She has written widely on ancient writing systems, in particular two books on the Cypro-Minoan script, published by Oxford University Press: Cypro-Minoan Inscriptions. Volume 1: Analysis (2012) and Cypro-Minoan Inscriptions. Volume 2: The Corpus. (2013), and several articles on the alphabet, Cretan Hieroglyphic, Linear B, Ugaritic cuneiform, and the theoretically modelling of ancient script formation. She is also co-editing two books Paths into Script Formation in the Ancient Mediterranean (with M Valério) and Non-Scribal Communication Media in the Aegean and Surrounding Areas (with AM Jasink and J Weingarten), both forthcoming.

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