English is the universal language of business and travel communication.

You can enjoy the advantage of speaking good English by boosting your language skills and this is our sunny offer for two week English summer studies:

INTERNATIONAL ENGLISH SUMMER SCHOOL 2015 - great learning experience in unique cultural reality!

- Polish your overall communication skills
- Upgrade your English speaking, listening, reading and writing skills
- Revolutionize your cross-cultural skills
 -Evolve your social network contacts

by attending two week English Summer School with classes brought to you by a multinational team of the English language experts 6 hours a day at PURE Academy in Liepaja, Latvia (Dates:13/07/2015-24/07/2015).

Summer School is held in Liepaja, Latvia - the city of adventure, amber and music. Liepaja is the third largest city of Latvia set by the Baltic Sea with exciting history, breathtaking culture and busy social life. The School's participants will enjoy the pleasures of the luxurious white sandy beaches, local cuisine and socializing with peers at appealing cafeterias, bars and clubs, go sightseeing and savor the local culture by visiting numerous museums, art galleries, the theater etc. More information at:

For any additional queries, please contact by phone +371 2635 4505 or by
e-mail: info@pureacademy.lv

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