Notice for Global Humanities students

Information about the exam for non attending students of the Global Humanities course:


1) the exam is based on the preparation of a paper based on topics that have been presented and discussed during the module;


2) students that could not attend the classes during the first semester are required to study the materials uploaded in the Google classroom and related to this module:


3) the materials in the Google classroom are divided by topic and include recordings of my lectures, academic articles, interviews to the artists, YouTube videos and websites. Before registering for the exams, non attending students will have to go through the course in order to acquire the necessary information to write the essay and to become familiar with the topics discussed in the module;


4) once the preparation is completed, students should write me an email with the proposed topic for the essay. The email should contain a provisional title, a basic structure of the paper, the perspective taken on the chosen topic and a provisional list of sources that should include those uploaded in the Google classroom beyond other sources that the student might have used in the preparation of the paper;


5) the final paper should be 12-15 pages long and contain references/footnotes as required by proper academic writing (the academic articles uploaded in the Google classroom can be taken as an example of what academic writing is and the proper use of references in an essay/paper). The paper, properly formatted, should be sent as a PDF file to my email address no later than four days before the exam date;


6) though the paper forms the bulk of the exam, where necessary the knowledge of specific aspects of the topics discussed in the course will be tested.


Data inizio: 
Martedì, 7 Giugno, 2022
Data fine: 
Sabato, 31 Dicembre, 2022

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