a.a.: 2021/2022 - anno di corso: 1
Settore L-FIL-LET/14 - CFU 6 - Semestre I - Codice 10596321
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The course introduces to the relationship between literature and the Bible from Antiquity to Early Modernity by focusing on the classics of the Western literary tradition. The first module (24 hours) examines the main ideas and contexts of the critical debate on the subject, the second part (48 hours) examines the themes of the subject through a close reading and critical analysis of the literary texts. 24 hours are devoted to seminars.
Programma inglese
The course explores the use of literary archetypes in world literature. Selected case studies are analyzed by adopting a philological and literary-historical approach in line with the most recent theories in the field of comparative literature.
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Passages from:
Biblia Vulgata
King James’s Bible
San Girolamo, Lettera 57, A Pammachio
Dante, Divine Comedy
G. Boccaccio, Decameron
Old English Poetry
G. Chaucer, Canterbury Tales
W. Langland, Piers Plowman
T. Tasso, Creation of the World
W. Shakespeare, The Merchant of VeniceThe Winter’s Tale
J. Milton, Paradise Lost

Secondary Texts:
Auerbach E., Literary Language and Its Public in Late Latin Antiquity and in the Middle Ages, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1993.
Boitani P., Rifare la Bibbia, Bologna, il Mulino 2021. [The Gospel according to Shakespeare, Notre Dame (In), 2016 and The Bible and Its Rewritings, 1999].
Gregory T., Translatio linguarum. Traduzioni e storia della cultura, Firenze, Olschki 2016. [Translatio Studiorum, in Translatio Studiorum Ancient, Medieval and Modern Bearers of Intellectual History, ed. by M. Sgarbi, Lieden-Boston, Brill 2012, pp. 1-21].
Noss P.A., A History of Bible Translation, Roma-Manchester, Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura-St Jerome Publishing 2011.
Recommended Readings:
Fisch H., The Biblical Presence in Shakespeare, Milton and Blake. A Comparative Study, Oxford, Clarendon Press 1999.
Fisch, H., New Stories for Old. Biblical Patterns in the Novel, Basingstoke-New York, MacMillan-St Martin’ Press 1998.
Frye N., The Great Code. The Bible and Literature, ed. by Alvin A. Lee, University of Toronto Press, 2006.
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Martedì 13.00 - 15.00 (RM021 Aula 109 - I PIANO)
Mercoledì 11.00 - 13.00 (RM021 Aula 107 - I PIANO)
Inizio lezioni: Martedì 28 Settembre 2021

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