a.a.: 2021/2022 - anno di corso: 1
Settore L-OR/20 - CFU 6 - Semestre I - Codice 10595494
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Il modulo analizza l’opera di alcuni artisti contemporanei tibetani, in prevalenza attivi fuori dal paese di origine, nei cui lavori si riflettono influenze multiculturali e le tensioni tra il retroterra culturale tradizionale, fortemente impregnato di buddhismo, e la cultura visiva globale contemporanea. Tra gli artisti che verranno esaminati figurano Gade (1971, Lhasa), Gonkar Gyatso (1961, Lhasa), Tenzing Rigdol (1982, Kathmandu), Dedron (1976, Lhasa).
Programma inglese
The module focuses on Tibetan contemporary artists who, whether at home or abroad, explore their multicultural influences, examining the tensions between traditional Tibetan and contemporary global culture. Some of the artists that will be introduced in the module include Gade (b. 1971, Lhasa), Gonkar Gyatso (b. 1961, Lhasa), Tenzing Rigdol (b. 1982, Kathmandu), Dedron (b. 1976, Lhasa).
The course is aimed at giving the students a general historical outline of the subject under scrutiny and of the main methodological and critical issues about it.
The course is meant at developing the students’ ability to link the specific topic of the discipline to other fields of study (literature, history, philosophy).
The course is aimed at enabling the students to apply the specific language and methods of the Discipline to develop their skills in terms of critical judgment and communication ability.
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Descrizione valutazione
For the final the students are required to write a short essay on one or more of the topics presented and discussed in the classrooms. The topic of the essay needs the prior approval of the teacher and the final paper will be presented and discussed by the students at the time of the exam.
The module will primarily make use of resources and information available on the internet that will be illustrated during the classrooms and completed by a list of readings consisting in pdf articles downloadable from the Google classroom that will be created for the students of the course.
Here are some the reading materials and internet resurces that will be used in the module:

Allison 2009 - On the beginning of Tibetan contemporary art, exhibitions, dealers and artists - PhD thesis

Harris 2012 - In and Out of Place: Tibetan Artists’ Travels in the Contemporary Art World
Miller 2016 - The 'Look of Tibet' Without Religion: A Case Study in Contemporary Tibetan Art in Lhasa

Salviati 2012 - Tibetan art between past and present. An overview of contemporary Tibetan artists

Internet resources:
1) The collection of Shelley and Donald Rubin:
2) Exhibition and symposium “Waves on the Turquoise Lake: Contemporary Expressions of Tibetan Art:
3) MET, New York:
4) Museum of contemporary Tibetan art, Netherlands:
5) The top gallery in the field:
6) Ten Tibetan artists to know:
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