PROGRAMMA E CALENDARIO Latin literature (CLASSICS) 2021-22

Schedule: room A 'Rossi', Wedn. 9-11; Thurs. 11-13
First lesson: Sept 29 (TBC)
Students may have at least elementary skills in Latin morphology and syntax.
Gli studenti sono tenuti ad avere una conoscenza perlomeno elementare delle principali strutture morfosintattiche della lingua latina.
The aim of this course is to read together some passages from Ovid, in order to fix linguistic skills and also to know one of the main poets of Latin Literature.
42 hours, structured as follows
4 hours introductions to the course and illustration of the bibliography; evaluation of the prerequisites.
30 hours reading, translating, linguistic commenting on Ovid’s Metamorphoses
8 hours specific lessons on latin morphology and/or syntax.
Lectures: reading, translating, contextualizing, commenting the passages from Ovid. During each lesson, I will encourage the widest participation of the students, not only with questions but also with personal comments and insights. I will also propose grammar exercises, if needed, and (for those who feel comfortable with the idea) some students’ presentation on specific subjects.
     Oral examination (reading, translating and commenting a text from those read in class)
The oral exam, with open-ended questions, is aimed at verifying the knowledge of course topics and the students’ ability to translate and comment the Latin text dealt with during the course. Students who will not be able to attend the course are also required to answer questions related to the complementary readings (see Texts adopted and reference bibliography). Students are expected to be articulate and to be able to communicate their thoughts and contents with an appropriate language. To pass the exam, the student must get a grade not below 18/30. Students must demonstrate to have acquired a sufficient command of course topics; they are also expected to show adequate linguistic and translating skills. In order to hit a score of 30/30 cum laude, students must demonstrate excellent translation skills, and a personal critical attitude.
Attendance is highly recommended. 
Students who do not attend the class and students with advanced language skills in Latin are requested to contact me by e-mail.
F.L. Moreland, R.M. Fleischer, Latin, An Intensive Course, Berkeley 2004
M. Worsham Musgrove, The Student’s Ovid: Selection from the Metamorphoses; Norman OK 2000
Also suggested:
N. Goldman, L. Szymanski, English Grammar for Students of Latin, Ann Arbor MI
N. Goldman, J. E. Nyenhuis, Learning Latin via Ovid, Detroit MI 1982
L. Morgan, Ovid, A Very Short Introduction, Oxford 2020

Data inizio: 
Mercoledì, 25 Agosto, 2021
Data fine: 
Sabato, 25 Giugno, 2022

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