Methodology 2021-2022

The class of Methodology will run from October 14 to November 25. We will teach one lesson per week, from 5pm (in time, and not a 5.15!) to 7.15 pm in Aula T01 at Marco Polo building
 Methodology is a mandatory qualifying exam to all general history classes; this means that students should pass it before taking general history exams in second semester.
We will outline all relevant information about the course (and about the exam, and so on) during our first lesson. Everything will be published in our slides directly on our shared G-Classroom site. We are going to communicate via classroom and not via mail. We are going to teach it in “blended” mode, and we warm encourage our students based in Rome to join us in presence. 
Classroom link:
NB: GH Early Modern History: the course will start in second semester!

Data inizio: 
Venerdì, 24 Settembre, 2021
Data fine: 
Domenica, 31 Ottobre, 2021

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