AY 2021-2022

Dear students,
This is just to tell you that Lingua 1 (canale D-N) and Second Language Acquisition 1 (both EAAS and SLLT MA students) course will be held in the second semester, so, please "sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight!" by now.
In any case, feel free to check on the "Guida di anglistica" (on this page, section "Dispense") to start familiarising with the course you've chosen/been assigned to, or the GC of the course:

  • English Language 1 (D-N) AY2021-22: afzchjk
  • Second Language Acquisition 1 AY2021-22: w5puhhn

All the best and see you in the second semester,
Your lecturer,
Fabio Ciambella

Data inizio: 
Mercoledì, 29 Settembre, 2021
Data fine: 
Martedì, 31 Gennaio, 2023

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