GH Methodology FAQ

This announcement answers all your questions.  I will not respond by email to the information posted here.
1) How many CFUs does methodology give?
Methodology (3CFU - I semester) is a required preliminary exam for all second semester general history courses (6CFU). The full exam (9CFU) is given at the end of the second semester (starting in June) and we will evaluate all of the student's work. 
2) Can I book this methodology exam through Infostud?
NO. Methodology does not have its own code on Infostud: you cannot register only for this exam or take only 3CFU in February. 
3) Can I take this exam in the first semester?
NO. Medieval, Early Modern, Modern History, and Book History will be held in the second semester: no way to take the exam before June 2023, and no way to take the exam without passing Methodology on time - i.e., without submitting the final paper by February 1, 2023; and this means that we will not allow students to take only general history exams (no exception)
4) I am an Erasmus student. Can I take the exam in my first semester?
NO. There are many regular 6CFU courses in history in both the first and second semesters ( II ) that will allow students to take the exam in the 2023 winter session or the 2023 summer session. These courses cover specific topics as well as general outlines of their subject and are taught in Italian (and since you are here to have an Italian academic experience, this may be more fruitful for you)

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