Digital Humanities 2021/22

Dear students, 
The course will start next Saturday, March 5th, at 9AM in Laboratorio Didattico Aula 5 (Marco Polo Building, 3rd floor). Lessons will be held in presence.
For those of you who cannot join for COVID-related issues, please feel free to reach out via email at to discuss your situation and get the link for the virtual room.
Please remember to reserve your seat on Prodigit to attend the class.

I will provide all practical information about the course in our first meeting.
Please sign up to the Classroom webpage of the course, where also documents and materials will be shared.
You can enroll by clicking on this link or using the Classroom code: u56sb6m
Thank you!

Data inizio: 
Giovedì, 3 Marzo, 2022
Data fine: 
Sabato, 3 Settembre, 2022

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