CLASSES 2022-2023 / LM Near Eastern Art and Archaeology (10598537)

CLASSES 2022-2023 / LM Near Eastern Art and Archaeology (10598537)
The course Near Eastern Art and Archaeology will be held during the first semester and will start on Tuesday October 4, 2022; classes will take place on Tuesday and Thursday 5-7 pm in the Auletta di Archeologia of the Faculty of Humanities building.
The classes will be delivered in person and it will be possible to attend them also remotely for students waiting to get their visa. The link to attend classes remotely is available through the course's Google Classroom code mdauvq2 (Lavori del corso - Google Calendar - date).

The course e-learning page is available at the following link:

It will be updated on a regular basis all through the course's lenght.



Topics, Methods, and Prospects in Near Eastern Archaeology


The course analyses topics, methods and prospects in Near Eastern Archaology from its beginnigs in the Nineteenth century until today. 


The first part of the course focuses on the history of research and provides and introduction to how Near Eastern Archaeology has changed through time both in theoretical and historical research and in field practice. The second part of the course is dedicated to the presentation and analysis of topics, problems and prospects, discussed geographically and chronologically, from the foundation of the first cities in the fourth and third millennia BCE to the formation of the great empires in the first millennium BCE. Within this part of the course, it is also discussed how recent studies during the last decades have broadened research horizons within Near Eastern Archaeology. 


Finally, the third part of the course is dedicated to topics, problems and methods in the safeguard, protection, and promotion of Cultural Heritage in the ancient Near East.




Data inizio: 
Domenica, 25 Settembre, 2022
Data fine: 
Lunedì, 25 Settembre, 2023

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