Gianfranco Bria

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Gianfranco Bria is Professor of Islamic Law at the University of Roma “La Sapienza”, associate member of the Cetobac (CNRS - EHESS) in Paris and member of the Laboratory on Mediterranean Islam at UniCal. He is the Editor-in-chief of “Occhialì - Journal on Mediterranean Islam”. He is also scientific member of the research project on “Muhammad in the mirror of his community in early and modern Islam” (ANR-DFG, three-years project: 2017-2020) and of the project “Red Golden Legend” (ANR). He obtained his Ph.D. at EHESS and UniCal; his doctoral research analyzed Islamic and Sufi revival in post-socialist Southeastern Europe. He profoundly knows Balkan territories and societies where he lived over one year. His research deals with Islamic authority, holiness and charisma in the Balkans, the embodiment experiences of daily-lived Islam (practices, beliefs and rituals) and Muslims history in southern-eastern Europe.

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